Monday, March 7, 2011

Things to be happy about!

I hate negativity.

Wow, talk about redundancy!

I wanted to post things to be happy about/things I enjoy/things I'm looking forward to.

To start out, check out the new hair cut. Can't beat the special Ulta was running!

When I was driving home, I saw this breathtaking sunset and I HAD to get a picture of it! This is the pond in my neighborhood:

pretty spectacular, huh?

We have a long weekend coming up from 3/18-21, since our school district's Spring Break isn't until APRIL 22ND!!! What the heck? I've never had a break start that late, even in CT. Oh well. I'm thankful that we'll have a nice four-day-weekend though. Colin and I are having a friend of mine take pictures of us, since we have never done that. It should be fun!

On that long weekend, my big, Vanessa (HI BIG!) will be here in Florida in part to celebrate her St. Patrick's Day birthday. I'm so looking forward to seeing her again and celebrating together.

So, after March comes APRIL....and APRIL brings 3 things:
  1. Baseball
  3. Easter
Yay for the Rays, me, and Jesus. Well, I guess it should be in reverse order. So YAY JESUS, me, and the Rays. Let's hope we have a great year (all of us!)

I'm also super excited because my brother, David, is graduating from college at Oklahoma State University in May, and my awesome mom found an airfare I could afford! I'll be flying into DFW Thursday night, and back Monday night. I'll get to see much of my extended family, so that's awesome!

This summer holds exciting events as well. We'll be going to Memphis to meet for our yearly vacation. I think it'll be mostly everyone: Mom, Dad, David, me, Colin, Melissa, Matt, Ruth Ellen, Emma, and CJ. I'm not sure about Lauren, but I'm sure she'll make an appearance if she's able.

So, yay for happiness, trips, and family! :-)