Monday, October 19, 2009

Reason # 2118329 Why I Love Teaching...

In class today, we were discussing ethnic groups and how one can want to get rid of another, specifically the Hutus and Tutsis, and the Germans wanting to get rid of the Jews during the Holocaust. I was explaining how the Germans had gone into a downward economic spiral before Hitler came to power, and he was a great speaker who inspired the people with great speehes that didn't really have substance. One student goes "Like Obama?" I asked him why he said that. He said "This 'Yes we can' thing? Yes we can what? He doesn't have anything real to say!" I ♥ them!! :-) I didn't prompt them at all and I thanked him for his input, and, even though I wanted to give him a high five, I held back and continued on.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Thanks for the reminder that I had this, Jess!

Wow, brain fart to the extreme!

I totally forgot about this blog until I read a nudge from Jess, urging me to update or be taken off her blog roll. Haha whoops.

School is going great. I love the people I work with. They are so supportive and friendly. The kids are really fun and keep me on my toes! One of the kids wrote this today, in a response for "Some Rules for Life:" "Don't believe in lies or superstitions like that exposing yourself to loads of radiation will give you superpowers. It won't. It will just leave you dead." I laughed.

In other, sadder news: Colin and I are no longer together. I am at a place in my life where I want to start the process of settling down: I have a house, a great job, and my life in front of me. We were together 3 weeks shy of two years, and he had no real idea of what he wanted. I told him that he needed to get all of his stuff in order and make an end goal with his family (what they'll do about the house, where his mom will end up, etc) before I'd consider a relationship with him again. I had been begging him to do exactly that for the past 7 months. I guess this was the kick in the ass he needed, because he's applied to relief programs and for refinancing. I'll keep my fingers crossed for him. Even if we're not meant to be together, it's imperative he get his stuff in order for HIMSELF. We still talk a lot and we're friends. I am hoping for the best.

Mom comes down in a couple of weeks while Dad's at the National Fire Academy. She'll be working on the house and painting (exactly what she wanted to do! No joke!) and I wasn't about to turn that offer down!

Everything else is going well in life. I'm working on getting things back on track in my personal life. Hope all is well with you!

I'll write more (I PROMISE, Jess ;-) ) soon.