Sunday, April 15, 2012

I'm running a half marathon!! Huh...wha??

So, I've officially decided to run a half marathon. Yes, me. Yes, the kid who was always last during the dreaded "President's Fitness Challenge" required annual mile in PE. Yes, the person who swore she'd never run/walk more than a 5k.

My friend, Jenn, inspired me to tackle this lofty goal. She put her mind to it, made healthy life choices, and successfully ran the Walt Disney World Half Marathon in January. I've decided to make the leap and do it, too.

(*My REAL rationale is if Al Roker can do it, why can't I? ... but I digress......)

Colin and I have begun using the Galloway Method at the gym, and we've had success so far. I'll keep you informed as to how it goes.

Officially, on our "team," Colin and I will be running with Katie, Melissa, and Paul. We're always open to more people joining us!

Oh, and if the half wasn't enough, I figured I'd throw in a 10-mile race in September. I'm either a genius or lunatic - probably a mix of both!