Friday, June 5, 2009

Closing of a chapter

Yesterday, I finished my first year of teaching.

It was a milestone that at times seemed beyond reach, and at other times was coming too fast. I enjoyed my year on the whole. Sure, there were things I would have done differently and I made a few rookie mistakes, but that comes with the territory.

I'm looking forward to writing a new chapter in my career as a teacher next year. I'll be teaching on an honors/gifted team and my subjects will be language arts, reading, and geography. Could a curriculum be more tailor-made for me? I'm also looking forward to reducing my daily commute by 60 miles! (aka 300 a week, 1200 a month, or 12,000 for the entire 199-day working school year. HOLY CRAP...12,000 mile reduction!! Life is good!)

To celebrate my first day of summer, I slept in till 1o, worked on a superdupersecret craft project (I'll reveal details soon), and took it easy. I'm going to the beach in a little while to take some pictures that will hopefully make for some decoration at the townhouse. Since we're going with a beach theme, I'm going to head out to St. Pete Beach and see what I can find.

I'm looking forward to riding down there with my windows down, listening to some relaxing music, and just savoring life. This summer is going to be a quick one, full of awesome trips to Texas and Alaska, so I better get to taking advantage of it now.