Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm a klutz!

It's a well-known fact that my name should in fact be Amanda Grace Easter. Or, if we want to go back to my Indian heritage, Amanda Falls-on-Her-Butt Easter. If we want to get even MORE creative, it could be Amanda Falls-With-Flair Easter. Whatever my name should be, it needs to be mentioned that if there is a wrinkle in the carpet, I will find it and trip. I have also come to the conclusion that
  1. As long as no one gets hurt and
  2. no property gets damaged
watching people fall is probably the funniest thing you will ever see. Since I fall so much, I feel I have the right to that opinion.

So, in my teaching career up until now, I have prided myself on the fact that I have yet to show my acrobatic talent to my students and co-workers. This trend sadly bit the dust today. As I walked my students into the cafeteria, the rain on my shoes hit with the smooth tile and down I went. It would be my luck that today the students were being punished for behavior yesterday and it was a "silent lunch."

I ended up skinning my knee and I have a big bruise to boot! I went back to my team for lunch and AE and Lisa got a kick out of my follies....or should it be FALL-ies? Bad joke.

I posted this status on Facebook via my BlackBerry during lunch:

I just busted my ass on the wet floor in the cafeteria in front of 250 6th graders having silent lunch...now my right knee is skinned and the size of a grapefruit! FML

These were the comments that followed:

From Nicole:
Are you sure we aren't sisters?! I am SO sorry that happened, but it sounds exactly like something I would do.

From Gae (3 comments):
Just think of all the kids who are so glad to realize that it can happen to adults too! And go get a cool bandaid for that knee- like a Mickey one! And possibly some ice for it.

Writing assignment- Tella bout a time when you did something embarrassing.... okay- maybe not- might not want to hear what they say! lol

Did you have a tray of food? Then that could have been either hilarious or even worse.... Picturing fries flying through the air hitting kids like rain - hilarious. Falling forward on the tray and ending up with a huge ketchup stain with a blob of potatoes (which always can be
used as some sort of cement)- worse...

From Matt:
And this is news because? lol j/k

From Paul:
Oh snap...I promise I'm not...laughing...hard...

No really I love ya and hope you're ok!

From Katie ::
I'm sorry. :-(. Hope the rest of your day is better.

From Aunt Jackie:
Well....you'll be famous tonight. I predict about 250 sixth-graders will not tell their parents that NOTHING happened at school today!!:-)

From Emma:
hope you feel better!

From Mary:
love pauls comment!! so funny, but seriously i hope you are ok. make sure you write up an accident report, just incase it keeps bothering you. i know you have enough writing to do, but make sure you document your injury.

From Shawn:
you just need to learn to fall like a Morgan, go limp then you don't get hurt! hope you feel better!

From Melissa Allore:
Could someone pass me a tissue please! ;-) Love ya Mandy!

Oh well. I have to be positive about it, there's no use being mad or upset! Now I have a funny story to tell!!